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This intention candle is 4 oz of hand poured soy wax in a glass jar with a metal lid. This candle has a wood wick and is infused with organic essential oils to promote peace and calm. We've topped it with, chamomile for calm, lavender for peace and a hand picked and charged clear quartz crystal. We chose quartz as it clears and absorbs all negative energy, promotes well-being and protection. It handles all of the negativity and clears any negative attachments allowing you and your energy to grow and flow freely. Light this candle with love and a peaceful heart focusing on calm and serenity and simply being in the present moment. This candle is a wonderful accompaniment to meditation and quiet. Breathe. Focus on the breath and simply be. Light this candle as a reminder that you can make time for yourself and that the heart speaks loudest in the quiet. This candle was made with a warm and loving heart energy. This listing is for 1 blessings candle. Essential oil blend is lavender and chamomile. Everything we use are non- toxic premium ingredients. Can you say that about the products you're currently using? Other Info: Organic Non-GMO Completely cruelty free No sulfates, phthalates or parabens ever No synthetic dyes or fragrances